2NT Rebid

If responder shows a four-card major
Opener bids the major with four-card fit. If opener has a three-card diamond fit with a good hand, he can bid 4C
    or 4D, otherwise he rebids 3NT. 
If responder makes a diamond slam try with 3S
Opener bids 3NT with a bad hand. If he has a good hand with at least Hx fit, he bid 4D. If he has a good
    five-card club suit and doubleton diamond, he can bid 4C for a slam try  in clubs.
If opener bids 3NT, responder’s 4D bid shows a good hand with a good suit and 4C bid shows Hxx club fit.
    Over 4C, opener’s 4D encourages for a diamond slam, and 4M bids encourage for a club slam with a five-card
    suit. 4NT shows a bad  hand for both minors.



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