Major Suit Raises

Developments After Major Support
While supporting partner’s major, we count fit points and show our hand accordingly. Fit points are the result of considering shortness when we have a fit. Three tricks will be lost with mutual holding of xxx-xxx, two tricks with xx-xxx, one trick with x-xxx where we can ruff immediately with a void in one hand. Therefore shortness  is as important as honor cards in trump contracts. In order to be able to show this value, shortness is evaluated in proportion to trump length as fit points in addition to honor points. While evaluating shortness for direct support, singleton honors are not considered in the point count except the aces. Obviously singleton ace is not as valuable as it is in the long suits.
Counting fit points
* With 3-card fit in opening major
Void : 3 FP (fit points)
Singleton : 2 FP
Doubleton : 1 FP
* With 4-card fit in opening major
Void : 5 FP 
Singleton : 3 FP
Doubleton : 1 FP


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